Monday, July 1, 2013

Map Samples for your Comment

 1. If you have not yet seen Report Back #21, please scroll down to the next blog.

2. The map samples on this page will change from day to day, i.e. I won’t be posting a new blog for every sample, so if you would like to comment on this or any other sample please log in regularly! Most browsers will let you enlarge the sample by clicking on it. 

3. If you’d like to comment, please use my email if you have it, or the contact form on the website.

4. The map has gone for printing, so your comments will be held for the next edition.

Sample #1: Please note that the path that enters the fram to the right of SNEEUKOP and goes south to Eselbank se Hoek is NOT  a fanciful path - it's right there on the ground!

Sample #2: Any comment on this area? We have had no response from Karukareb so the name will be removed.
Sample #3: Any comment? We are not 100% sure of Filander se Gat ...
Sample #4:
Sample #7: sorted

Sample #8:
This area had some controversies when the mapping started; any further comment?

Sample #9:
Welbedacht/Tafelberg area: any comments?

Sample #10: 
Sample #11:

-- Kaartman, July 2013

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