Saturday, November 12, 2011

Opening the Dialogue ...

We’ve set up this special Cederberg Hiking Map blog as a sort of forum, where you can share and compare your comments and Cederberg-map ideas with us.

We’re hoping to collect as many of your answers as possible to the questions that we’ve asked in the four ‘books’ on the website – – but there’s more to it than that.

Your knowledge and experience of the Cederberg is probably more extensive than ours. You know the existing maps; you’ve got good ideas about what should be included in a new map - and maybe what should be left out. If you’d like to comment publicly feel free to leave your comments on this site. If you prefer to keep your comments private, please use the ‘Contact’ button on the website [].

From time to time we’ll also describe a Cederberg hike on this site. We’d value your comments and responses to our accounts and would love to hear about your own experiences of these hikes.

When the map is in print we intend keeping this site open – for your ideas, reviews, or anything else; we really do want your inputs to make this ‘Hike the Cederberg’ map a worthy instrument for the enjoyment – and preservation – of these extraordinary mountains.

Welcome on board.

Kaartman, November 2011

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